Tarot Prints


Image of Tarot Prints

A3-sized (30cm x 40cm) prints of the Major Arcana from my Tarot deck. Printed on semi-gloss 140 g/sqm archival paper. Each print is signed.

The designs for the prints can be seen at http://shotarot.tumblr.com

Please specify which print(s) you would like in your shipping info:

0-The Fool / 1-The Magician / 2-The High Priestess / 3-The Empress / 4-The Emperor / 5-The Hierophant / 6-The Lovers / 7-The Chariot / 8-Strength / 9-The Hermit / 10-The Wheel of Fortune / 11-Justice / 12-The Hanged Man / 13-Death / 14-Temperance / 15-The Devil / 16-The Tower / 17-The Star / 18-The Moon / 19-The Sun / 20-Judgment / 21-The World